How To Install New Generation Entware

Entware-NG is a modern alternative to Optware. Originally designed for OpenWRT, it is also usable by other firmware platforms such as Asuswrt-Merlin based routers
Works only on usb drives formatted as EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4 for Arm devices

1 - Download RMerlin firmware from here, go to firmware upgrade page and upload normaly like a stock one

2 - Go to Advanced_System_Content, check  "Enable JFFS custom scripts and configs" and "Enable SSH", press Apply and Reboot

4 - After reboot, connect to router with putty terminal and type:

cd /tmp
wget -c -O
chmod +x ./


admin@RT-AC66U:/tmp# ./
Info: This script was created by ryzhov_al and modified by TeHashX.
Info: Thanks @zyxmon & @ryzhov_al for New Generation Entware
Info: and @Rmerlin for his awesome firmwares
Info: This script will guide you through the Entware-NG installation.
Info: Script modifies only "entware-ng" folder on the chosen drive,
Info: no other data will be touched. Existing installation will be
Info: replaced with this one. Also some start scripts will be installed,
Info: the old ones will be saved on partition where Entware-NG is installed
Info: like /tmp/mnt/sda1/jffs_scripts_backup.tgz Info: Looking for available partitions...
[1] --> /tmp/mnt/sda1
=> Please enter partition number or 0 to exit

5 - Choose a partition where Entware-NG should be installed, in this case is only [1] --> /tmp/mnt/sda1



Info: /tmp/mnt/sda1 selected.

* Warning: Found chrooted-debian installation, stopping...
* Warning: stopping running services...
* Warning: Found Entware installation, saving...
* Warning: Found Old Optware installation, saving...
* Warning: Found Old Optware-NG installation, saving...
* Warning: Found previous installation, saving...
Info: Creating /tmp/mnt/sda1/entware-ng folder...
* Warning: Deleting old /tmp/opt symlink...
Info: Creating /tmp/opt symlink...
Info: Creating /jffs scripts backup...
tar: removing leading '/' from member names
Info: Modifying start scripts...
Info: Starting Entware-NG deployment....

Info: Creating folders...
Info: Deploying opkg package manager...
Info: Basic packages installation...
Updated list of available packages in /opt/var/opkg-lists/entware-ng.
Installing ldconfig (1.0.8-1) to root...
Installing findutils (4.5.14-1) to root...
Installing libc (1.0.8-1) to root...
Installing libgcc (4.8.5-1) to root...
Installing libssp (4.8.5-1) to root...
Configuring ldconfig.
Configuring libgcc.
Configuring libc.
Configuring libssp.
Configuring findutils.

Router model
Choose swap file size (Highly Recommended)
1. 256MB
2. 512MB (recommended)
3. 1024MB
4. Skip this step, I already have a swap file / partition
   or I don't want to create one right now
Enter your choice [ 1 - 4 ]

6 - Choose desired swap size (512MB is recommended)



Info: Creating a 512MB swap file...
Info: This could take a while, be patient...
524288+0 records in
524288+0 records out
Setting up swapspace version 1, size = 536866816 bytes
Press [Enter] key to continue...


Congratulations! If there are no errors above then Entware-NG is successfully initialized.

Found a Bug? Please report at

Type 'opkg install <pkg_name>' to install necessary package.


7 - The script created a directory named "entware-ng" or "entware-ng.arm" in the selected partition, type cd /opt

cd /opt
admin@RT-AC66U:/tmp/mnt/sda1# cd /opt

8 - Now Entware New Generation is installed on your asuswrt router, it's time to install some packages, ex. nano text editor:

opkg install nano
admin@RT-AC66U:/tmp# opkg install nano
Installing nano (2.4.2-1) to root...
Installing libncursesw (6.0-1) to root...
Configuring libncursesw.
Configuring nano.

9 - If you want to start / stop a single installed package, type "/opt/etc/init.d/SXXpackagename start / stop"

/opt/etc/init.d/SXX-package-name start
/opt/etc/init.d/SXX-package-name stop
/opt/etc/init.d/SXX-package-name restart

9b - To start / stop all installed packages, type only "services start / stop"

services start
services stop
services restart

You can install packages from here: ARM, Mipsel

Thanks @zyxmon and @ryzhov_al

  • At step 4, on my RT-AC68U, I get this problem:
    *** Error: No ext2|ext3|ext4 partitions available. Exiting...

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    • Do you have a usb device formated as ext2|ext3|ext4 attached to the router?

  • Kyoichi Ong

    lighttpd failed anyone can help? webgui unable to load after installing

    • What is wrong with lighttpd?

  • Marcel Iures
  • Marcos

    I'm reinstalling Entware and I have activated the JFFSbut when I try to install Entware it says:
    *** Error: Please "Enable JFFS partition" from "Administration > System"
    *** Error: from router web UI:
    *** Error: then reboot router and try again. Exiting...

    I have rebooted a lot of times and formated the JFFS and nothing... Any help?

    • Which router, firmware?
      Check "Format JFFS partition at next boot"
      Reboot one more time
      Install entware

  • paul

    hello, as information, I installed entware ng + trasmission on router asus rt-n18U ( fw 380.64-1 hgg)and

    It works perfectly. 5 stars from me

    • TeHashX

      Great, hgg is based on RMerlin

  • Abd Kamel

    Entware wont survive reboot id any another EXT partition added beside the one its installed on, what can I do if I need HD with another EXT partition ??

  • GregK

    Total Newbie here -
    1- I don't recall selecting a swap file size when I installed ab-solution on my merlin-flashed router; is there a way to check and change it if necessary? or did the author select that for me in his install script?
    2- when I used firefox on another computer, I used an add-on called decentraleyes that seemed to make browsing quicker. will adding a proxy server (like 3proxy or privoxy) to my router have a similar effect? is there a correct/proper way to install it given the existing ab-solution install? is ab-solution already a web proxy and this is a moot question?

    Lots of questions, sorry. Thanks in advance for your answers!

    • Type free in terminal to check if swap is created
      I don't have much experience with adblockers, please ask on ab-solution thread

      • GregK

        assuming you mean the putty terminal, I get
        +/- buffers
        and swap: 0 0

        • Yes, any terminal, swap is not enabled, create a 512Mb swap file
          cd /opt
          dd if=/dev/zero of=swap bs=1024 count=524288
          mkswap swap
          chmod 0600 swap
          swapon swap

          Now verify

          • GregK

            Awesome! Thank you for the speedy assistance!

          • Verify if swap is mounted after router reboot, if not, post here output from /jffs/scripts/post-mount
            cat /jffs/scripts/post-mount

          • GregK

            reboot killed it...but it also brought down my RAM usage to ~25% from low 70s
            are those the right numbers for an n66u?

            and I typed that command and got no result...

          • You don't have post-mount script in jffs? How did you installed entware?
            Post output from
            ls -l /jffs/scripts

          • GregK

            -rwxr-xr-x 1 Admin root (a 3 digit number -size?) (the date/time) for dnsmasq.postconf, post-mount, services-start and-stop and wan-start
            I believe I allowed ab-solution to install entware from their instructions at

          • You need to modify post-mount script but first post output from:
            cat /jffs/scripts/post-mount

          • GregK


            if [ "$1" = "/tmp/mnt/sda1" ] ; then
            ln -nsf $1/entware /tmp/opt

            # DO NOT EDIT this part of the file #
            # generated by AB-Solution 3
            if [ -d "/tmp/mnt/sda1" ];then
            service restart_dnsmasq
            logger "AB-Solution added entries via post-mount"
            ln -s /tmp/mnt/sda1/ /home/root/
            # end of DO NOT EDIT #

          • If you already have created swap file in /opt, add this line at the end of the post-moun script, righ after # end of DO NOT EDIT #
            swapon /opt/swap
            Now reboot router and check with free

          • Crustnut

            Is it possible to change the swap file size. I originally made mine too big due to Plex installation that turned out to be too slow to be usable.

          • Yes,

            cd /opt
            swapoff /opt/swap
            rm /opt/swap
            dd if=/dev/zero of=swap bs=1024 count=524288
            mkswap swap
            chmod 0600 swap
            swapon swap

  • Kevin R

    Hello, I am hoping you can help me, TeHashX... I am using ad-blocker from theloneycoder and would like to install an additional piece for pixelserv tls. The problem is that the script by thelonelycoder required a folder named entware or entware-ng, but when I installed entware-ng with your script, the folder was named entware-ng.arm
    Is there a way for me to reinstall with the folder named "entware-ng" instead of "entware-ng.arm" ?

    • You have 2 choices
      1 - contact theloneycoder to include entware-ng.arm in his script
      2 - rename entware-ng.arm to entware-ng folder and modify post-mount script from entware-ng.arm to entware-ng then reboot router

      • Kevin R

        Thank you! I'll try the second option before contacting thelonelycoder; I appreciate your time!

  • Gabriel 1onita ♍

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

    • TeHashX


  • Guido

    Hi! I found in USB HD where is installed entware-ng and Transmission
    badblock and crashed, I need in some times atach to Linux machine to run
    fcsk to repair the filesystem. i bouth a WD Elements 1TB to reemplace
    my original USB2 500GB. I would like to know if I copy all files from
    original 500GB to WD elements in Linux machine and then I connect the WD
    Elements to AC-3100 with Merlin. Is a transparent migration. I think to
    not install again and do not lost my torrents share with transmission.
    is posible? Or I must to do a clean install?

    Thanks in advance!

    • You can connect both drives to router, tar old entware installation and untar on the new drive just be sure the new drive is mounted as the first drive, ex. /mnt/sda1 (if not just modify /jffs/post-mount script)
      services stop
      cd /mnt/sda1
      tar -cvzf ./entware-ng.tgz ./entware-ng/
      Now copy to new drive if mount point is /mnt/sdb1
      cp /mnt/sda1/entware-ng.tgz /mnt/sdb1/
      Unplug old drive, reboot router which should be mounted as /mnt/sda1 and untar
      tar -xvzf ./entware-ng.tgz

      Anyway, you could do this on a linux machine, will go faster :)
      But is recommended to start installation from scratch.

  • Cooper

    Hello, I'm using RT-AC68U with nice Merin.

    Now I'm trying to use tvheadend with entware-ng.
    I already install the tvheadend on mounted usb.(ipkg install tvheadend)
    But remote access isn't available.

    I already know how to do port forward basically.
    (Transmission already work well with remote access.)

    1) I did tvheadend port forwarding on wan-port forwarding like below.
    Service. Port range. Local ip Local port. Protocol
    TVheadend 9981:9982 TCP

    2) So, I also did iptables on putty to open prots 9981, 9982.

    Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
    target prot opt source destination RELATED,ESTABLISHED
    ACCEPT tcp -- anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:9981
    ACCEPT tcp -- anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:9982

    But I can't still access tvheadend from outdoors.
    Are there more things that I have to do for tvheadend remote access?

    • Cooper

      I got an answer by myself. Problem was jffs partition. I did port forwarding setting like trasmission port. Now I can access from WAN.

  • Guido

    Hi! I do not know why? But today after a restart the device, the router is not mounting the entware . I can se de partition /dev/sda2, is not visble when i list all mount point with mount command. If I would like to mount I can't. I Would like to know hiwI an repair the entware


    • TeHashX

      Reboot router and leave only one usb device

      • Guido

        I have two usb device, leave only that use ext4 and entware o only the ntfs?

      • Guido

        Hi! At first time I halt the router, and power on with no usb device. Then I power off and power on with only one usb device, that have installed the entware-ng. But the usb device is not mounted.

        elrengo@RT-AC3100:/tmp/home/root# uname -a
        Linux RT-AC3100 #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Mar 20 16:07:50 EDT 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux
        elrengo@RT-AC3100:/tmp/home/root# mount
        rootfs on / type rootfs (rw)
        /dev/root on / type squashfs (ro,relatime)
        devtmpfs on /dev type devtmpfs (rw,relatime,size=257528k,nr_inodes=64382,mode=755)
        proc on /proc type proc (rw,relatime)
        tmpfs on /tmp type tmpfs (rw,relatime)
        sysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw,relatime)
        devpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,relatime,mode=600)
        /dev/mtdblock4 on /jffs type jffs2 (rw,noatime)
        usbfs on /proc/bus/usb type usbfs (rw,relatime)
        elrengo@RT-AC3100:/tmp/home/root# df
        Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
        /dev/root 37120 37120 0 100% /
        devtmpfs 257528 0 257528 0% /dev
        tmpfs 257672 1308 256364 1% /tmp
        /dev/mtdblock4 65536 1792 63744 3% /jffs
        elrengo@RT-AC3100:/tmp/home/root# free
        total used free shared buffers
        Mem: 515348 118548 396800 0 1760
        -/+ buffers: 116788 398560
        Swap: 0 0 0
        elrengo@RT-AC3100:/tmp/home/root# fdisk -l

        Disk /dev/mtdblock0: 0 MB, 524288 bytes
        255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 0 cylinders
        Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes

        Disk /dev/mtdblock0 doesn't contain a valid partition table

        Disk /dev/mtdblock1: 1 MB, 1572864 bytes
        255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 0 cylinders
        Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes

        Disk /dev/mtdblock1 doesn't contain a valid partition table

        Disk /dev/mtdblock2: 65 MB, 65011712 bytes
        255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 7 cylinders
        Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes

        Disk /dev/mtdblock2 doesn't contain a valid partition table

        Disk /dev/mtdblock3: 63 MB, 63225856 bytes
        255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 7 cylinders
        Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes

        Disk /dev/mtdblock3 doesn't contain a valid partition table

        Disk /dev/mtdblock4: 67 MB, 67108864 bytes
        255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 8 cylinders
        Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes

        Disk /dev/mtdblock4 doesn't contain a valid partition table

        Disk /dev/sda: 500.1 GB, 500106779648 bytes
        255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 60801 cylinders
        Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes

        Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
        /dev/sda1 653 784 1048576 82 Linux swap
        Partition 1 does not end on cylinder boundary
        /dev/sda2 784 60801 482092032 83 Linux

        elrengo@RT-AC3100:/tmp/home/root# cd /
        elrengo@RT-AC3100:/# cd /opt
        -sh: cd: can't cd to /opt
        elrengo@RT-AC3100:/# cd opt
        -sh: cd: can't cd to opt

  • yeehor

    Connecting to|2404:6800:4004:815::200e|:80... failed: Network is unreachable.    

  • Guy

    I went with entware-ng after hearing that this will take over and is "better". And after having used entware-ng for awhile, I found that the repository has considerably less packages than that for optware(namely php-pear). Instead of learning how to cross-compile packages, I was thinking of switching over to optware-ng and was wondering if there are significant performance differences between optware-ng and entware-ng and in whose favor. One other thing I noticed was that entware fails to run at times because the usb stick that it's on is periodically mounted as "/dev/sdb1" as opposed to the "/dev/sda1" that my /jffs/post-mount script is set to and was wondering if there is a way to handle this. Thank you so much for this tutorial.

  • Paul

    Followed guide, and was able to install entware-ng.

    Been trying to install nodogsplash. Anyone have a guide as to what to do? Seems like there is no compiled source for it. I was able to do it in openwrt.

  • Idan

    Asus RT68P, no matter what i try, during insallation script, everything works fine until the swap creation stage, then:
    Info: Creating a 512MB swap file...
    Info: This could take a while, be patient...
    96745+0 records in
    96744+0 records out
    ./ line 264: can't fork

    running free results:

    user@RT-AC68P-EC38:/tmp# free
    total used free shared buffers
    Mem: 255700 168348 87352 0 496
    -/+ buffers: 167852 87848
    Swap: 0 0 0


    • TeHashX

      Out of memory, reboot router and try again

      • Idan

        Thanks for the quick reply.
        free after rebooting:
        user@RT-AC68P-EC38:/tmp/home/root# free
        total used free shared buffers
        Mem: 255700 68432 187268 0 1500
        -/+ buffers: 66932 188768
        Swap: 0 0 0

        same result:
        Enter your choice [ 1 - 4 ] 1
        Info: Creating a 512MB swap file...
        Info: This could take a while, be patient...
        93161+0 records in
        93160+0 records out
        ./ line 264: can't fork
        user@RT-AC68P-EC38:/tmp# free
        total used free shared buffers
        Mem: 255700 166900 88800 0 476
        -/+ buffers: 166424 89276
        Swap: 0 0 0

        What next?

        • TeHashX

          Which firmware?
          Try to install optware-ng after reboot, just for testing

          • Idan

            latest stable RMerlin.
            I came here after trying optware-ng, same issues.

            I've now skipped the swap and installation finishes but not sure it is a good idea...

          • TeHashX

            Create swap after installation, search at the end of "how to install debian"

          • Idan

            Third line fails:
            /tmp/opt# mkswap swap
            -sh: can't fork

          • TeHashX

            Should be
            mkswap /opt/swap

      • Idan

        also, dont know it if helps, this is df:

        Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
        /dev/root 30848 30848 0 100% /
        devtmpfs 127744 0 127744 0% /dev
        tmpfs 127848 760 127088 1% /tmp
        /dev/mtdblock4 64256 2020 62236 3% /jffs
        /dev/sda1 60686176 20537312 40148864 34% /tmp/mnt/sda1
        /dev/sdb1 1924548 2944 1823840 0% /tmp/mnt/sdb1

        sdb1 is ext2
        sda1 is ntfs

        Thanks again

  • Stradino

    I0ve installed entware-ng, then I installed pyload, everything works fine.
    But I can't figure how to star pyload automatically when router reboots.
    Can anyone help me please?

    Asus RT AC87U merlin bult: 380.57

    • TeHashX

      All installed services should start after reboot, in this case is /opt/etc/init.d/S51pyload
      Did you reboot the router and pyload didn't automatically start?

      • Stradino

        yes, I did. I've installed it using "opkg install pyload", then running "pyload" for the initial setup, and after all, "pyload --daemon" than I could reach the webinterface.
        After rebooting no pyload was running, and often when I use "pyload --daemon", it starts pyload PID, but I can't reach the web interface anyway.
        So I have to reboot manually and retry with "pyload --daemon".
        Maybe it's a bug?
        Do you suggest to use a different download manager?

        • Stradino

          I made some tests. That's it: after rebooting the router (the reset JFSS partition on rebotto in NOT activated in fw), typing "pyload", it starts pylaod setup.
          After the setup I can reach pyload's webpage. If after rebooting router I try to type "pyload --daemon", it starts a daemon (ex. PID 1234), but the webpage isn't available. SO I have to re-make pyload setup each time i reboot the router. I think there's some mistake...

          • TeHashX

            Are you sure jffs partition is not mounted after reboot? That is not possible because symlink to opt folder is on /jffs/scripts/post-mount
            You may try to add at the end of post-mount script
            sleep 30
            /opt/etc/init.d/S51pyload restart

          • Stradino

            Keep not working.
            This is the post-mount script:
            and this is what I get when I reboot the router:

            I have to run the setup each time the router reboots!

          • Stradino
          • TeHashX

            You are doing something wrong, install entware and pyload from scratch, add sleep30... comand then reboot router, after waiting about 1 minute try to access pyload interface.
            You should start/restart pyload with init.d script not with pyload --daemon because will not apply configuration file.

  • jack

    server is not responding.... installation stops just showing Info: Modifying start scripts...

    • This means optware hosting site is down

  • Csaba Benesch

    init.d scripts wont start when router start, only if I type services start, is there any tip for autostarting the scripts?

  • Csaba Benesch

    installation can not complete, after selecting the installation drive the script hangs "Info: Modifying start scripts..." and do nothing only after 3 or 5 minutes.... and this "lag" I have after every package installation. Is there a know issue? With my net is all OK.

    • Not know issues, reboot router and try again

      • Csaba Benesch

        rebooted, nvram erased, disks formatted....same issue......

        • I just tried on mipsel router and it's working but at the end when downloading packages is a little bit slow, may be entware download server low.

      • Csaba Benesch

        I have tried on the 2nd router on other network, same issue.

  • jadul

    is it compatible with pyload guide from entware ? I always get 'BasePlugin' object has no attribute 'isdownload' error after plugins update.

    • Didn't tryed, should work

      • jadul

        already tried on optware-ng and entware-ng. I already check swap is on, but I always get "BasePlugin' error after update;
        so far my solution is block/restrict everything from, which mean no more plugin update.

        I should just stay with old optware. never have problem with pyload.

  • brothachen

    I am using RT-AC68U and trying to install Deluge - "opkg install deluge"

    I get the following errors:

    "Collected errors:
    * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for deluge:
    * pyxdg * pyopenssl * pyopenssl *
    * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package deluge."

    I tried to install python "opkg install python" but I still get an error message
    "Package pyopenssl version 0.13.1-1 has no valid architecture, ignoring.
    Package pyxdg version 0.25-2 has no valid architecture, ignoring."

    Is there anything that can be done?

    • brothachen

      PS Universal script seems to work with other packages great :) Just having this problem I'm assuming installing these packages with ARM7

    • brothachen

      Well for completeness, suddenly today everything worked.

      I tried again to "opkg install deluge" I received:

      "Installing deluge (1.3.12-2) to root...
      Collected errors:
      * opkg_download: Failed to download, wget returned 8.
      * opkg_install_pkg: Failed to download deluge. Perhaps you need to run 'opkg update'?
      * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package deluge."

      So I ran "opkg update" and then "opkg install deluge"

      "Installing deluge (1.3.12-3) to root..."

      And now I have a working copy of deluge! Yay I can finally use a socks5a proxy ;-) Thanks for whoever updated the deluge package!

  • Alby

    hello. I want to install this on my asus rt-ac68U but i'm afraid it would slow down my router response time and speed.. i want to install all these cool packages and extensions but im scared it could affect router stability.. do you know how it would work on my router? also, do I need to create a swap file after running the command lines written in your guide? an usb 3.0 32 gb pen drive is ok for its installatioN? thanks so much in advance for your answer

    • Don't be afraid to install it, it will not slow down your router, installed packages will work only when you need them. Swap file is highly recommended and the installer script will ask if you want it or not. Usb pen drives are ok but a usb hdd will be much faster.

      • Alby

        thanks so much for your answer! i'll try it out

  • Toufiq Ibna Mustafiz

    can i install plex package ?

  • Marid Audran

    Ok...sorry for your time (and mine)

  • Marid Audran

    Hello ? Can I finish to test your script ?

  • Marid Audran

    How can I remove entware ng ?

    • Do you want to install something else like optware-ng?
      Or just remove it?

      • Marid Audran

        the first, install optware ng, please

        • Which router?

          • Marid Audran

            sorry, ac56u, arm router, I have entware-ng on a usb stick

          • Perfect, I have a test installer script, I will post the link in 2 minutes

          • Ok, run this commands:

            cd /tmp
            wget -c -O

            And please leave feedback if is ok or not

          • Marid Audran

            how can I check if it works, please? What does this script ?

          • If you run the previous commands, the script will stop services, backup any optware, entware installations, jffs scripts and install optware-ng
            When finish, install some packages to test, like nano text editor
            ipkg install nano
            Then go to optware directory
            cd /opt
            Should go to /mnt/.../optware-ng.arm

          • Marid Audran

            Will I keep the eentware installation then, does it work ?

          • No, you can use only one, script will only save your entware for future use or if you need some configuration

          • Marid Audran

            permission denied after the last line, "./optware ..etc", wget works

          • chmod +x ./

          • Marid Audran

            I keep the partition or select to create a new one ?

          • Create new one

          • Marid Audran

            I kept the old one, I will reinstall..

          • You can't keep the old one, it's inside optware/entware folder

          • It worked?

  • I was thinking that since the universal installer script is a bit 'black box' to many people (convenient, but many don't understand quite exactly what is going on), there should be an automated entware universal uninstaller for those that wish to migrate to -ng. I was looking into uninstalling a router and realized it should be as easy as installation. Just thought I'd share.

  • Kevin R

    Just installed on a TM-AC1900 router (ASUS AC-68U). It only took a few minutes, the longest part was the creation of the swap file. Also, make sure you do "cd /tmp" before running the first command in Step 4, otherwise it won't be able grab the file and write it to the router.

  • Guest

    After reboot router, swap partition doesn't activate.
    Is this a bug?

    • Which router?
      Post output from:
      ls -l /opt
      cat /jffs/scripts/post-mount

      • Guest

        mine is ac56u.

        please check below log.
        admin@DEREK_AC56U:/tmp/mnt/sdb1/entware-ng.arm# free
        total used free shared buffers
        Mem: 255752 66872 188880 0 2596
        -/+ buffers: 64276 191476
        Swap: 0 0 0
        admin@DEREK_AC56U:/tmp/mnt/sdb1/entware-ng.arm# ls -l /opt
        lrwxrwxrwx 1 admin root 7 Apr 27 2015 /opt -> tmp/opt
        admin@DEREK_AC56U:/tmp/mnt/sdb1/entware-ng.arm# mount
        rootfs on / type rootfs (rw)
        /dev/root on / type squashfs (ro,relatime)
        devtmpfs on /dev type devtmpfs (rw,relatime,size=127768k,nr_inodes=31942,mode=755)
        proc on /proc type proc (rw,relatime)
        tmpfs on /tmp type tmpfs (rw,relatime)
        sysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw,relatime)
        devpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,relatime,mode=600)
        /dev/mtdblock4 on /jffs type jffs2 (rw,noatime)
        usbfs on /proc/bus/usb type usbfs (rw,relatime)
        /dev/sdc on /tmp/mnt/sdc type ext3 (rw,nodev,relatime,errors=continue,user_xattr,barrier=0,data=ordered)
        /dev/sdb1 on /tmp/mnt/sdb1 type ext3 (rw,nodev,relatime,errors=continue,user_xattr,barrier=0,data=ordered)
        admin@DEREK_AC56U:/tmp/mnt/sdb1/entware-ng.arm# cat /jffs/scripts/post-mount

        if [ "$1" = "/tmp/mnt/sdb1" ] ; then
        ln -nsf $1/entware-ng.arm /tmp/opt


        • :) Swap file is mounted, check "free" output

          • Guest

            Ok. I see. but swap file size is not 512mb. is this all right?

          • Reboot router and check again

          • Guest

            After reeboot, swap partition's free size is zero.

          • Total, Used and Free are all 0?

          • Guest

            U a right.
            Should I add swapon script in post-mount?

          • This should be added automatically by installer script to /jffs/scripts/post-mount, did you modified something?

            swapon /opt/swap

          • Guest

            No.I didn't.
            So I add swapon in post-mount.

          • I modified script, it's ok now, thanks for heads up

          • Guest

            Ok. thank u for qiuck solution.

            It works fine after add swapon.


  • Need feedback from arm users...

  • effebal


    with few mods to the entware-nt script I get id installed in my arm7 AC87U.
    Now it is up and running.
    Please, let me know if you neeed it.

    • No thanks, I'm working on a simplified script for both arch mips and arm but I have so little time this period.

      • But you can post your code somewhere like dropbox or pastebin in case someone need it

        • effebal

          Hi, with some delay here is the sh script that I've used for installing the entware-ng.
          Nothing special. I've just replaced the installation script moving from mipsel to arm7.

          • Thanks, I already posted arm version, can you try it please and leave feedback?
            Maybe today I will post an unified script :)

          • effebal

            Hi, it works very well :)

          • Thanks

          • Universal installer is ready, see point 4, thanks @zyxmon:disqus and @ryzhov_al

            wget -c -O
            chmod +x ./

            Feedback please

  • zyxmon

    Thank you TeHashX. More info (in Russian) on Entware-ng is here -

    • No, I thank you :)

      • Rodolfo Guagnini

        If I have instaled the entware that comes with merlins firmware, what should I do to install the new generation?
        Is there a way to update the repositories instead... I dont want to mess up to much the current working installation


        • wget -O - | sh
          Don't forget to backup valuable content from /opt before upgrade.

          • Rodolfo Guagnini

            Thanks... I will make a backup, but ir will erase all in opt, or you mean just in case?

          • Rodolfo Guagnini

            Nevermind, when trying to run the update script, it starts shutting down all services, including dropbear, leaving me out of the shell. I am thinking in shut down the init.d services manually, and comment out that line in the script to see if it gets thru.. I will report later.

          • Rodolfo Guagnini

            It worked, I shutted down everything in init.d except unslung and dropbear... and runned the commenting the shutdown line.
            It unisntalled a lot of packages and then reinstalled from the new repo. Complained only about the ones with custom config files, leaving them untouched... except ini files inside php5 (which I restored). After that I restarted nginx, php-fpm and aria2 and with some tweaks all worked again (including owncloud 8.2). Thanks for the script men!


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