Minidlna Media Server with Thumbnails through Optware-NG

This version has thumbnails support, custom icon and will NOT recreate database on every router reboot so you can resume movies later from where you left them last time!

1 - Install Optware New Generation from here

2 - Disable stock Minidlna from here

3 - Install minidlna with thumbnails support

ipkg install minidlna-rescan-thumbnail nano

4 - Edit configuration file and change server name if you wish, change media directory or leave as default and all drives will be scanned

nano /opt/etc/minidlna.conf

Save with CTRL-O / Enter / and exit with CTRL-X

5 - Start minidlna media server

/opt/etc/init.d/S98minidlna restart


6 - Go to and see how minidlna is creating db, press refresh on your browser for progress.


This is how it looks like on my Samsung TV with thumbnails and filmstrip enabled




If for some reason you don't like default penguin minidlna icon,  you can choose any icon as minidlna logo, thanks @R.L.Horn :)

7 - Copy some favorite icons (.png format) to /mnt/sda1/icons/ for example

8- Edit minidlna.conf

nano /opt/etc/minidlna.conf

Find this line, uncomment and replace with the path to your desired icon



Save with CTRL-O / Enter / and exit with CTRL-X

9 - Restart minidlna

/opt/etc/init.d/S98minidlna restart


Now you have custom logo icon, see two different logos in my pics, one is Volvo logo and another from my Favorite Football Team:

A huge thanks @alllexx for porting minidlna with thumbnails support

Enjoy watching movies on Samsung tv's and not only...

Please share feedback with your tv model!

  • Csaba Benesch

    can somebody send me the default conf file?

  • Sławek Zaród

    Hi, I have installed minidlna without a problem but every time I restart the router, minidlna recreates the database. Any ideas what can I do about it ?.

    My router is N66U with merlin 378.56_2

    • DB is recreated only if is corrupted or first scan is not completed

      • Sławek Zaród

        Yes, I know that. I've looked through the log and I can see that every time i restart the minidlna service, it detects new media dir and recreates database :/.
        Btw, I have two media dirs in .conf file and after it finishes scanning all files are working fine.

        • Try with only one dir

          • Sławek Zaród

            Ok, was actually going to do that :)

          • Sławek Zaród

            Ok, with one media_dir it doesn't rebuild database, only fast rescan. So what can I do if I have two media dirs ?

          • Dirs are from different partitions, hdds?

          • Sławek Zaród

            Yes, It was like this:

            where Dane and Bajki are hdd names

            But now, I've upgraded to newest rmelin and optware stoped working, so that's first on my to do list :/

          • Try to create a symlink on one folder to another one
            Optware-ng should work even if you upgraded firmware, only if jffs partition is deleted not

          • Sławek Zaród

            Unfortunately something happened to jffs partition, i coudn't even install optware-ng without reformatting it.

  • Kartik

    Why USB drive mini DLNA server does not appear in the network environment in windows 8 & 10? what to do to be seen?

    • It's only optware-ng version or built in the same?

      • Kartik

        optware-ng version and Entware version USB drive mini DLNA server does not appear in the network environment.

        • Kartik

          My Router RT-N66U

          • Kartik

            built in the same also does not appear in the network environment

          • 1) Go to Advanced Sharing Settings and turn on network dicovery
            2) Open My Computer and go to Network (on the left)

          • Kartik

            Everything is done correctly. All the same, RT-N66U in a networked environment is absent. What's wrong? Where the dog is buried?

          • It's there, can you see it? RT-N66U

          • Kartik

            I did it! Kaspersky blocked access.

          • :)

  • Csaba Benesch

    installed but my samsung bd500 could not see it, idea?

    • This page is working?

      • Csaba Benesch

        Yes, but if I restart the minidlna then the samsung player can find it

        • Just if restart minidlna?
          Try to reboot router

          • Csaba Benesch

            Same, after the router reboot the player can not find the minidlna only if I restart the minidlna.

          • Add to /jffs/scripts/post-mount
            sleep 60
            /opt/etc/init.d/S98minidlna restart

          • ???

          • Csaba Benesch

            what I have noticed is the samsung bd500 player needs some minutes to find the minidlna..... but with the stock minidlna (merlin) this issue was not.... I will try now with the sleep 60 now....

          • Csaba Benesch

            Iam wrong, so if I switch the samsung player off anf then on , after that does not see the minidlna, and if I restart the minidlna then can see the samsung player

  • allexx88

    If you own Samsung Smart TV F series, I suggest you use 'minidlna' package, the version without thumbnail support, since F series' Allshare doesn't display thumbnails, but generic images instead, so you'll just waste time and resources with 'minidlna-thumbnail'

      • allexx88

        Unfortunately, changing "JPEG_TN" to "JPEG_SM" in that line doesn't help, in fact, it makes my TV unable to find any videos at all. Tried a full rescan too, still no good. Maybe, it worked with older minidlna, like 1.1.1 mentioned in that topic, but it doesn't work with 1.1.4 :(

      • allexx88

        OK, I found a mistake, and it works now! In theory, it shouldn't break older TVs too, because of the 'if' statement that checks whether client is ESamsungSeriesCDE, but I can't test it... I sent you an email with patched version, please test it when you can :)

  • MelissaJS

    Thank you TeHashX for this tutorial, minidlna seems to be working OK through Optware-NG.

    However, I hven't been able to figure out how to put Transmission to work in Optware-NG :(

    Are you planning on making a tutorial for Transmission through Optware-NG ?


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