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osTicket through Optware-NG

Imagine this, a ticketing system running on a home router :)

1 - Setup Optware-NG from this guide and choose 2GB swap file
2 - Install Lighttpd and php from here
3 - Install mysql server using this guide
4 - Login to mysql shell to create osticket database, user and password (change values in red)

mysql -u root -p
mysql> create database osticket;
mysql> grant all privileges on osticket.* to osticket_db_username@localhost identified by 'osticket_db_password';
mysql> quit

5 - Install necessary packages:

ipkg install php-mysql php-mbstring php-gd php-imap php-intl

6 - Download and install latest version of osTicket

cd /opt/share/www/
mv ./upload ./osticket
rm -r scripts

7 - Fix timezone and restart lighttpd (change values in red if you want)

sed -i "s|;date.timezone =|date.timezone = Europe/Bucharest|g" "/opt/etc/php.ini"
/opt/etc/init.d/S80lighttpd restart

8 - Go to router default ip address and port :81/osticket or

Press Continue
 - Enable configuration file

cp /opt/share/www/osticket/include/ost-sampleconfig.php /opt/share/www/osticket/include/ost-config.php

ost2Press Continue
 - Input system settings
11 - Input admin user data
ost412 - Input Database Settings from point 4
ost5Press Install Now
13 - Change config file permission

chmod 644 /opt/share/www/osticket/include/ost-config.php

14 - Go to administration page
ost715 - Log in
16 - Open first ticket
17 - Go to Admin panel / Dashboard / Information

18 - Remove setup directory, for security reason

rm -r /opt/share/www/osticket/setup

To access osTicket from WAN you don't need to input port 81 anymore, use www.your-wan-ip-address/osticket

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    Very interesting, thanks for this and not only

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    Updated to v1.10-rc.3


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