pyLoad Download Manager through Entware

1) - Setup entware-ng from here

2) - Install packages

opkg install pyload python-pyopenssl openssl-util duktape python-imglib tesseract python-crypto unrar unzip

3) - Change the default configuration-directory

cd /opt/share/pyload
python --changedir --configdir=/opt/var/pyload

Press ENTER once to confirm the path and once again ENTER to exit the dialog.

4) - Generate ssl keys, you have to input data required... or just press ENTER and fields will remains blanks

cd /opt/var/pyload
/usr/sbin/openssl genrsa -out ssl.key 1024
/usr/sbin/openssl req -new -key ssl.key -out ssl.csr
/usr/sbin/openssl req -days 36500 -x509 -key ssl.key -in ssl.csr > ssl.crt

5) - Go to installation-process, just hit ENTER key, change username, password and port or leave it 8000

cd /opt/share/pyload
python -s

Choose your Language / Wähle deine Sprache ([en], de, fr, it, es, nl, sv, ru, pl, cs, sr, pt_BR): Enter

Welcome to the pyLoad Configuration Assistent.
It will check your system and make a basic setup in order to run pyLoad.

The value in brackets [] always is the default value,
in case you don't want to change it or you are unsure what to choose, just hit enter.
Don't forget: You can always rerun this assistent with --setup or -s parameter, when you start pyLoadCore.
If you have any problems with this assistent hit STRG-C,
to abort and don't let him start with pyLoadCore automatically anymore.

When you are ready for system check, hit enter. Enter

## System Check ##
Python Version: OK
pycurl: OK
sqlite3: OK

pycrypto: OK
py-OpenSSL: OK

py-imaging: OK
tesseract: OK

PyQt4: missing

jinja2: OK
beaker: OK
JS engine: missing

System check finished, hit enter to see your status report. Enter

## Status ##

Features available: container decrypting, ssl connection, automatic captcha decryption, Webinterface, extended Click'N'Load

Continue with setup? ([y]/n): Enter

Do you want to change the config path? Current is /tmp/mnt/sda1/asusware/pyload/.pyload
If you use pyLoad on a server or the home partition lives on an iternal flash it may be a good idea to change it.
Change config path? (y/[n]): Enter

Do you want to configure login data and basic settings?
This is recommend for first run.
Make basic setup? ([y]/n): Enter

## Basic Setup ##

The following logindata is valid for CLI, GUI and webinterface.
Username [User]: your_username
Password: your_password
Password (again): your_password

External clients (GUI, CLI or other) need remote access to work over the network.
However, if you only want to use the webinterface you may disable it to save ram.
Enable remote access ([y]/n): Enter

Language ([en], de, fr, it, es, nl, sv, ru, pl, cs, sr, pt_BR): Enter
Downloadfolder [Downloads]: /mnt/sda1/downloads Enter (If your hdd has a label, replace "sda1" with "your device label")
Max parallel downloads [3]: Enter
Use Reconnect? (y/[n]): Enter

Do you want to configure ssl?
Configure ssl? (y/[n]):Enter

If you're done and everything went fine, you can activate ssl now.
Activate SSL? ([y]/n): Enter

Do you want to configure webinterface?
Configure webinterface? ([y]/n): Enter

## Webinterface Setup ##

Activate webinterface? ([y]/n): Enter

Listen address, if you use or localhost, the webinterface will only accessible locally.
Address []: Enter
Port [8000]: Enter

pyLoad offers several server backends, now following a short explanation.
builtin: Default server, best choice if you dont know which one to choose.
threaded: This server offers SSL and is a good alternative to builtin.
fastcgi: Can be used by apache, lighttpd, requires you to configure them, which is not too easy job.
lightweight: Very fast alternative written in C, requires libev and linux knowlegde.
Get it from here:, compile it
and copy to module/lib

Attention: In some rare cases the builtin server is not working, if you notice problems with the webinterface
come back here and change the builtin server to the threaded one here.
Server ([builtin], threaded, fastcgi, lightweight): Enter
Setup finished successfully.
Hit enter to exit and restart pyLoad Enter

6) - Start the server with

/opt/etc/init.d/S51pyload start

7) - Go to (this is the default router ip, modify to your router ip if you change it previously) and happy downloading...

8) - After login, if you receive the message: Plugins updated, please restart!, restart pyload with:

/opt/etc/init.d/S51pyload restart




nano /jffs/scripts/firewall-start
Paste this lines
iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --destination-port 8000 -j ACCEPT
Save with CTRL-O / Enter / and exit with CTRL-X
chmod a+rx /jffs/scripts/firewall-start
sh /jffs/scripts/firewall-start
Now you should have access from yourwanipadress:8000.

Please post a feedback here if you managed to install successfully

  • digimon04

    My router is AC68U with Entware-NG. I found that "opkg install pyload" will also install a large amount of other packages including:

    python-curl python python-light python-base zlib libffi libbz2 python-ctypes python-pydoc python-multiprocessing python-codecs python-sqlite3 libsqlite3 python-logging python-gdbm libgdbm python-email python-distutils python-xml libexpat python-compiler python-db libdb47 libxml2 python-openssl libopenssl python-decimal python-unittest python-ncurses libncurses libncursesw libcurl

    Are they all necessary? I can't install or use other packages such as Transmission after the installation of Pyload.

    • All packages are required and you should be able to install any other package after installing pyload, did you have difficulties installing transmission daemon?

      • digimon04

        With AB-Solution (from SNBforums), I can't install Transmission. Putty replies something like MemoryError. Without AB-Solution, I can install Transmission (transmission-web transmission-daemon-openssl) but it will become dead instantly after router bootup or manual start script. If I stop Pyload, Transmission will work again.

        My AC68U is running Asuswrt-Merlin 380.62_1 with Entware-NG, Pyload and Transmission. No other package is installed. Storage device is 4GB Sandisk USB thumbdrive formatted as EXT3. RAM usage seems normal. With Pyload running, WebUI shows 10x~12x MB used. Without Pyload running, WebUI shows <100MB used.

        Any help is appreciated.

        • Ask AB-Solution maintainer why you can't install transmission. Usb flash drives are very slow, try a hdd usb.
          Do you have a swap file?

          • digimon04

            With AB-Solution, whenever I try to install Transmission, I receive the following error:

            admin@RT-AC68U-6258:/tmp/home/root# opkg install transmission-web transmission-d
            Installing transmission-web (2.92-3) to root...
            Installing transmission-daemon-openssl (2.92-3) to root...
            Collected errors:
            * gz_open: fork: Cannot allocate memory.
            * opkg_install_pkg: Failed to unpack control files from /opt/tmp/opkg-TF5tmT/transmission-web_2.92-3_armv7soft.ipk.
            * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package transmission-web.
            * gz_open: fork: Cannot allocate memory.
            * opkg_install_pkg: Failed to unpack control files from /opt/tmp/opkg-TF5tmT/transmission-daemon-openssl_2.92-3_armv7soft.ipk.
            * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package transmission-daemon-openssl.

            I had asked for help in AB-Solution's thread. Since I can install Transmission without AB-Solution, the problem I'm facing is not related to AB-Solution.

            Previous, I can install and run Entware-NG + AB-solution 1.07 + Pyload + Transmission at the same time at 380.59. After upgrading to 380.62_1, I can no longer do so.

            What made me curious is that python, python-light, python-base should serve the same purpose. Why are all of them being installed at once during pyload installation?

          • The Collected errors are because your router is out of memory, reboot router.
            Ask here why dependencies are required

  • digimon04

    Since python-imglib has been removed from the Entware server, can we install Pillow instead? Pillow is a successor of imglib. I tried that but Pyload fails to recognize it and stats py-imaging is missing.

  • Marcos

    For me seems it's working even from Internet but didn't download anything.
    Tried with a lot of providers and nothing.

    • TeHashX

      See "Logs" in top right of the page

      • Marcos

        I didn't understand what i have to see.

        • TeHashX

          See if you get some errors in logs

  • Matt S

    The package "python-imglib" is no longer available from entware.

  • Dima Medvedev

    Any idea how to use the various plugins? Simply copy them to the proper location (/opt/var/pyload/userplugins) or any other actions needed?
    I'm looking specifically for configuration of my Premium '' account.

    • TeHashX

      I'm not using pyload but you are on the right way, copy to plugin directory and refresh pyload webpage, should see in plugins list.

      • Dima Medvedev

        I've already done this, all works fine, just need to restart Pyload process (not sure if simple refresh is sufficient).

  • QMax

    A little update...
    "Critical error..." message doesn't appear also using my asus hostname instead of ip address, so https://myasus:8091 works fine,

    • TeHashX

      Did you updated firmware recently or other change?

      • QMax

        Not at all.
        My previous RT-N16/pyLoad/Entware worked without any issue, now I moved to RT-AC66U with a newly installed Entware-ng and the problem appeared since first installation. Again, not a big issue cause I've found a couple of solutions, but...
        Also... since few days this msg appear in pyLoad log:

        INFO ADDON UpdateManager: *** New pyLoad available ***
        INFO ADDON UpdateManager: *** Get it here: ***

  • QMax

    Still have a strange error in browser every time I try to access to pyLoad :

    Critical error while processing request:

    I've found that cleaning the browser cache can solve this problem, but if I close the browser (FF, IE, Safari, it doesn't matter what browser I used) the problem persist.
    Another way to solve this problem is to open a Private browser page in FF, or connect to pyLoad using my DDNS instead of pointing to my Asus router IP.
    This is really strange....

  • RyanAir


    is this tutorial still up to date?

    The path '/opt/share/python/pyload' doesn't exist, but '/opt/share/pyload'

    even by using this path pyLoad doesn't start anymore, it crashes, daemon is not running

    Best regards


    • Thanks for heads up, some paths was changed and I updated tutorial. :)

      • RyanAir


  • g33k

    Followed the tutorial on AC68U running Merlin 378.54_1. All the steps work out fine without any error messages and the pyload demon starts successfully with the PID displayed in the terminal. However, when I check the status immediately after, it returns "false" and the remote access is unavailable. Any idea where I might be going wrong?

  • RyanAir


    since I installed pyLoad by Entware I cannot use the Android app for remote control anymore. I mean this app:

    Remote is enabled in the pyLoad config and I configured the IP address, the user/pwd in the app. All in te same way like with the Optware version. But the download list is shown as empty and I get the message, the connection is lost, please refresh. But there mus be a connection to pyLoad, because if I fill in some wrong data intentionally, then I get an other error message: connection lost/impossible.

    Has anyone an idea, how to fix it and make pyLoad remote running?


    • I get same same issue but after digging a little bit, I enabled ssl under config/menu/ssl and on android app under settings, now it works but access to pyload web page should be done from ;)

      • RyanAir

        That's interesting! I enabled SSL in the app and disabled the cert confirmation, it works as you said. But I ask me why? What's changed? Under Optware it worked without enabling SSL in the app... Anyway many thanks! I like the androud app for a fast state check and adding of simple DL jobs. But for more complex multipart jobs I like more the browser based web interface and my PC :-)

  • Sasha

    Sorry to post again, but I found the log file (I really don't know my way around linux...) and it says

    03.03.2015 23:10:42 INFO Starting pyLoad 0.4.9
    03.03.2015 23:10:42 INFO Using home directory: /tmp/mnt/USB64GB/entware.arm/etc/pyload/.pyload
    03.03.2015 23:10:44 INFO ExtractArchive: Activated UnRar UnZip
    03.03.2015 23:10:44 INFO Activated plugins: CaptchaTrader, ClickAndLoad, ExternalScripts, ExtractArchive, UpdateManager
    03.03.2015 23:10:44 INFO Deactivate plugins: Ev0InFetcher, HotFolder, IRCInterface, MergeFiles, MultiHome, MultishareCz, RealdebridCom, RehostTo, XMPPInterface
    03.03.2015 23:10:44 INFO Downloadtime: True
    03.03.2015 23:10:45 INFO Starting threaded webserver:
    03.03.2015 23:10:45 INFO Free space: 49.97 GiB
    03.03.2015 23:10:45 INFO Activating Accounts...
    03.03.2015 23:10:45 INFO Activating Plugins...
    03.03.2015 23:10:45 INFO pyLoad is up and running
    03.03.2015 23:10:48 INFO No Updates for pyLoad
    03.03.2015 23:10:48 INFO New version of hook|UpdateManager : 0.13
    03.03.2015 23:10:50 INFO *** Plugins have been updated, please restart pyLoad ***
    03.03.2015 23:33:53 INFO Starting pyLoad 0.4.9
    03.03.2015 23:33:53 INFO Using home directory: /tmp/mnt/USB64GB/entware.arm/etc/pyload/.pyload
    03.03.2015 23:39:54 INFO Starting pyLoad 0.4.9
    03.03.2015 23:39:54 INFO Using home directory: /tmp/mnt/USB64GB/entware.arm/etc/pyload/.pyload
    04.03.2015 14:46:01 INFO Starting pyLoad 0.4.9
    04.03.2015 14:46:01 INFO Using home directory: /tmp/mnt/USB64GB/entware.arm/etc/pyload/.pyload

    it seems that after the first start, the webserver is just not starting :(

  • Sasha


    First, thanks for your great tutorials. I have an Asus RT-AC56U with the latest Merlin (378.50) and installed Entware and Transmission with the help of your web site.

    Transmission is working fine but is only downloading torrents, so I tried installing pyload.

    The installation went without problems and I could go to the web interface at

    When I saw the message "Plugins updated, please restart!", I restarted pyload.

    But then I got a problem - I can't connect to the web interface anymore.

    I rebooted the router and started pyload again. I get the message "starting pyLoad" and "Daemon PID 1001". But I can't connect to the web interface and when I check the processes with "ps" there is no process with PID 1001.
    Can you help me?

    • I just installed pyload on my rt-ac56u and all go smooth, try to reinstall and also update entware

      opkg update
      opkg upgrade
      opkg remove pyload
      rm -r /opt/etc/pyload

      Start again from point 2

      • Sasha

        Thanks for you reply.
        I have played around with the command line in the meantime and managed to run pyload. It is now downloading a file, let's see if it finishes.

        However, the problem is still there:

        I started pyload with the debug option: "python -d" and get an input/output error "can't write" (or something like this)

        When I list the directory where should be, I get again the input/output error:

        admin@router:/tmp/mnt/USB64GB# ls /opt/etc/pyload/.pyload
        ls: /opt/etc/pyload/.pyload/ Input/output error

        So I changed the start script "/opt/etc/init.d/S51pyload" and included (after --demon) "--pidfile=/mnt/USB64GB/"
        ...and everything seems to work!

        BUT - not being a Linux guy - I still have no idea what happened or why!?!?!? :-(
        Any idea?

        • No idea, maybe some permissions error, how is your disk formatted?


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